Figuring it out as I go along

Figuring it out as I go along

Monday, May 12, 2008

Wandering the beautiful land that we sometimes take for granted

For those of you who don't know me, I'm the kind of guy that likes to do things spontaneously just because my life would be boring if i didn't. And when the weather is perfect and there is nothing else better to do than go hiking in the mountains, who can resist the urge to do so, right? On Saturday, May 10, I chose to go hiking to the famous Jardine Juniper up in Logan Canyon thinking that it would be a great way to begin the season of hikes for the summer because it wouldn't ware me out too quickly and it could get me into the hiking mood.

I had a late start up the hike in the morning which concerned me a little. I thought there would be dozens who already made it up to that historical tree and I would be the pathetic one who couldn't get up and go on a hike to save his life. Surprisingly, I only saw a handful of people on the trail with me and all of them turned back at some point because there was too much snow on the ground.  Sissies! There actually was still a considerable amount of snow on the latter part of the hike and loads of mud at the beginning of the hike, but thats a stupid excuse to stop a hike right?

Anyway I loved the hike. Easy as pie and The spectacular views that I beheld on the way up was breathtaking. When I arrived at the famous tree, I appeared that I was the only one there so I enjoyed the beauty on solitude.  I'll shut up now and let the pictures do the talking.

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The Bergeson's said...

Adam, you are so TOUGH! Way to make it to the tree. I have started that hike approximately one thousand times and never ever made it that far. Kudos!