Figuring it out as I go along

Figuring it out as I go along

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


The other day I saw the movie Wall-E, quite possibly the best movie I've seen in a while. It's great that there's finally a good heart warming family flick out there that has a good message in the end. I also made a interesting observation as well while I was at the theater. In the Film, it shows the human race in the future that has become morbidly lazy and obese to the point where they get around in hover chairs and have everything delivered to them from entertainment to food. I thought the writers did a good job in exaggerating what we could become as a human race. 
BUT... in the middle of the film, I happened to turn around and see that there were several people in the theater that almost exactly looked like the humans the film. There they were just sitting there with entertainment in front of them, chomping on there popcorn and 48 oz. sodas, laughing away not noticing that they were really laughing at themselves! It really shocked me that we weren't too far from what the show depicted as a society. The good news is at the end of the flick was that the humans finally realize how lazy they've become and decide to change they're lives. 
After the Movie I spent a lot of time thinking about myself. I would think that I'm pretty healthy but I've been caught in society's habits of eating and drinking carelessly. I find myself drinking at least 20 oz of pop a day and scarfing down junk food like a life dependent drug. I'm not living a healthy life and if I keep it up, I'll end up like a hideously obese, lazy waste of space on this earth.
Therefore I have made the goal of staying away from all pop, juice, candy and any junk food products in hopes that it'll make me a more healthier person now and in the future I'm absolutely certain that I'll start to feel better, more awake, with more energy and I'll lose weigh (not that I need to!).  I'll keep you posted on how this new goal of my is going.
Anywho, I recommend watching Wall-E. Its a great family film and who knows,  it could change your life!


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Laurita said...

Adam-andi-okay, I know you hate that. I think it's a good goal - let me know how that goes.