Figuring it out as I go along

Figuring it out as I go along

Sunday, August 10, 2008

And the winner is... Lesa!

Lesa is the lucky winner of the very popular contest of Favorites on my blog! She gets the pure honey from cache valley (actually its honey from the bear lake area). A grand total of 4 participated. Wo Ho!!! Well guess what? Just because you all visited and participated in my contest, you all are going to get a jar of honey courtesy of yours truly. I'll be sending them to you all sometime this week so get ready.

So Lesa, it is now your turn to host a list o' Favorites on your blog. This might be a little tough for you because I know you're busy with your wedding... but I don't want any excuses!

Hey Cami, I just got the magnets and I love them! They're not as super strong as you said they would be, but the awesomeness of them totally made it better. They're holding my bills on my refrigerator as I speak! 


Cami said...

Sweet! A jar of honey! You're too kind. Sorry about the magnets not being strong; I was going to go out and hand select some, but then I decided that it would be more fun to make my own online so I had no idea what kind of strength the magnets had. I'm glad you like them anyway.

Lesa said...

YAY!!! Adam I never win anything!! Ok I've won a couple of things in my lifetime but it is rare! Thanks man I love HONEY! I will do my best at getting something going this weekend. I now have less than one month for the wedding but I will get some things up there!!!!

Laura said...

Next time I see Lesa I'm going to pull her hair really hard. I'm so mad I didn't win.

Adam said...
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