Figuring it out as I go along

Figuring it out as I go along

Sunday, August 3, 2008

List of life slices: Shultz Times Contest of prizes

Since I won the wonderful prize of refrigerator magnets from the Cami and Peter Jones' blog, I have to wonderful opportunity to host the contest myself. So here we go, its my version of a contest of prizes that I am so proud to introduce to the world for the first time. Everything prize that you see here is something that has been in my life for the past year, so you in actuality are getting a slice of my life if you are so lucky to win them.  

Here's how the contest works:
Blog host shares some slices of life;
People comment on which item they would like to win;
Blog host randomly draws a winning name;
Blog host gifts the winner with their choice from slices of life; and
Winner then carries on the List o' Favorites(slices of life sounds better) game on their blog

Aggie pride license plate banner. What better way can you show your Aggie pride than slapping it on the back of your car. I'm sure those who read my blog have at one time attended a semester at Utah State University, so I'm sure that this will be a hot item. You've got two options of license banners here so make sure you you tell me what kind you want. Slice of life: I spent two wonderful years at this school and even though I will be attending Weber State University this upcoming fall, I will always be a true blooded aggie inside.

Carabiner. This is your chance Lance to get that carabiner I have on my backpack. Also you others have can get it as well. You can use it for good o' rock climbing or for hooking random stuff to your bag like I did. Slice of life: On the day that I moved out from my parents house last year, I decided to go to Al's Sporting Goods store and get some gear to survive the scary outside world. It has served me well in that it has kept important things hooked up in bag. If you win this item you also have symbolically won my independence into the real world.  

Panic! At the Disco: Pretty Odd. I just bought this CD a few weeks ago and I loved it from the start and I can't stop listening to it. If any of you are familiar with Panic at the Disco, this album that they released this spring is a lot cleaner than the last one so don't be scared from bidding on this item. Slice of life: I just like this CD and its just some of the new music that I've been discovering recently.  

Cache Junction Spike. About a week ago I went bridge jumping with a friend at Cache Junction and found a spike right next to the railroad. It was rusty and old but I thought it was cool to have a railroad spike from the famous Cache Junction! You too could posses this railroad rare item to if you're lucky enough! Slice of life: I'm moving to ogden in a couple weeks and leaving this wonderful Cache Valley. In a way I am at a junction in my life where I am parting from my life in Cache Valley and moving on to other things that lays in store. I recommend this item.

First Aid Kit. Many of you don't know this but I just have been certified as an EMT-Basic.(By the way, thanks to all that let me assess them) I just began the Paramedic program at Weber State University and am learning oodles of useful information and knowledge that I think everybody should know. Here's one of them: Always have a good first aid kit handy because you just never know when you'll need one! Whoever bids on this item will get a custom built first aid kit useful for traveling and in the home. Don't let this picture deceive you. I'm going to personally put this kit together and its going to be freaking awesome. Slice of life: this item is special because it represents my dreams and aspirations that I have right now. 

Jar of honey. I currently am working with a neighbor of mine who owns a Bee Farm in Preston, Idaho. Everyday I extract honey from the combs and it sure is sticky business. And at times it can be painful too. A couple of days ago I was stung five times and one was on my eyelid! But through all the pain and stickiness comes this wonderful product that is sweet to the taste and very desirable! This is not some synthetic honey from California,  its real Cache Valley honey fresh from the comb. If you bid on this item, you won't be disappointed. Slice of life: if you win this item you're getting the not only the wonderful taste of cache valley in you mouth, but the hard work I did this summer so I could get through college.

Well thats my contest! Good luck too all. I'm going to be drawing the winner randomly in one week so get your vote in before it ends!


The Bergeson's said...

Oh many sweet choices!! I am going to have to vote for that first aid kit, though, especially because it's hand-made by you. That makes it even cooler! Also, I love that when you went to get "life survival" bought a caribener. You are funny stuff Adam.

Laura said...

caribener, hands down

Lesa said...

Holy Cow!!! HMMMMMMMMMM..... I definitely would want the Honey! I miss Cache Valley soooooo much!!! I would have gone for the Aggie license plate cover but seeing as I went and bought myself one this last March and only have one car the honey won my vote! Now you can't disavow me as a cousin. HAHA!

Cami said...

Honey. Love it!

You didn't get the sweet magnets yet? I made them myself online and had them ship them directly to your parents' house. Let me know if they don't come in the next week or two and I'll harass the place I got them from.