Figuring it out as I go along

Figuring it out as I go along

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Evolution of Adam Shultz Dickey

Alright this might seem like an odd blog... but if you haven't figured out that I'm odd in the first place, you really don't know me. I was fondling through some old photos of my glorious past and I started to realize that my family has recorded almost all of my birthdays. With the exception of a few years, I have successfully gathered together all of my birthdays from 1984 to 2008. For the years where I couldn't find any birthday photo, I have substituted it with a photo from that year. So sit back, relax and enjoy the Evolution of Adam Shultz Dickey on September 19! 

 - 1984, My actual birthday - 
I think this is the cutest I get in my whole life.

- 1985, One year old -
This was the year I got my pinkie cut off.

- 1986, Two years old -

- 1987, Three years old -

- 1988, Four years old -
This year is missing, so I thought this family pic would be alright.

- 1989, Five years old -
Another missing year. This was at my pre-school Graduation.

- 1990, Six years old -
Another missing year. I have a video of my birthday party but no pictures. Maybe I'll put the video on YouTube...

- 1991, Seven years old -
Nothing interesting about this year... except I did get a lot of ghost buster toys!

- 1992, Eight years old -
I'm accountable from here on out!

- 1993, Nine years old -
This was after my sister's wedding. My brother is a psycho.

- 1994, Ten years old -
Another missing year. This was school project about the bald eagle.

- 1995, Eleven years old -
My gymnastic days.

- 1996, Twelve years old -
I got a CD player! I love the expression on Chuck's face. 

-1997, Thirteen years old -
My friends got together for my birthday. 

- 1998, Fourteen years old -
A CD stereo! I'm living large now! This was also the year I got into Metallica.

- 1999, Fifteen years old -
My paper boy days.

- 2000, Sixteen years old -
I gave a courtesy smile this year. My football  and wrestling days.

- 2001, Seventeen years old -
The year I lived in Kentucky for a summer.

- 2002, Eighteen years old -
The year I rebelled and grew hair seven inches long.

- 2003, Nineteen Years old -
Post High School Days - This was right before my mission.

- 2004, Twenty years old -
My mission days - I forgot to take photos on my birthday... oops. This was in my first area in San Gabriel.

- 2005, twenty one years old -
My mission days - I also forgot to take photos this year too. I think it was because I was focused on other things, like preaching the Gospel. This was at the temple in Manila. 

- 2006, Twenty two years old -
Queen Rocks! Utah State University days.
- 2007, Twenty three years old -
Another rebel year where I grew out my hair. I miss it... maybe I'll do it again. 

- 2008, twenty four years old -
My Weber State University days.

- 2009, twenty four and a half years old -
Okay, This isn't my birthday but this me right now getting bored studying and finding other things to do, like blogging!
 So there you have it! Hopefully I'll have many more birthdays to come. But I'm predicting I'll be dead by 28....


Lesa said...

Hey it is nice to know that you are still very much alive and I think you might make it past 28... maybe... ;)

Laura said...

Those are darling and fun pictures. I remember you being born and going to the baby blessing. Too bad you turned out so rebellious and mean... you were such a nice kid.