Figuring it out as I go along

Figuring it out as I go along

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Its no Cache Valley

It’s been nearly 7 months since my arrival in Ogden and I have learned a great deal about this place that was once called the crossroads of the west. Some of the great things I have l have realized are the culture diversity in this town. I can honestly say that I am a minority in my neighborhood. Plus have developed more Spanish skills than I have anticipated, which a bonus if I might say. I have grown to love Ogden for its diversity and beauty that surrounds the area.                

But there is one thing that I am constantly reminded of everyday in this city of diversity, and that is this place certainly is no Cache Valley! For example, I was chatting with my neighbor about a month ago, and she told me that about a year or two ago, there was a shooting in my front yard between man and the police. Holy crap! And I was also informed that the previous owners of my place I am renting were arrested making Meth in the house. My place used to be a meth lab! Now I’m not saying that this sort of stuff doesn’t happened in Cache Valley, (in fact I’ve heard of meth labs discoveredin Logan plenty of times) but I wasn’t expecting to discover it happens in my back yard here in Ogden. I guess for me, it isn’t every day to know someone was killed in your front yard.                

Being a curious Dickey, I decided to investigate the situation further and all of a sudden everything started to make sense. Doing an internet search about the alleged shooting by typing the street intersection I live on (Jefferson and 35th St.), I came across several stories from the local paper about a man named Jessie Turnbow who was walking down the street with a shotgun and seemed very upset after an argument with his girlfriend on December 18, 2006.  The police confronted him in front of my house a shootout subsequently occurred. Yikes! I’m glad I wasn’t renting this place then!


Then a few weeks ago, someone left a single rose next to a tree in my front yard with a note on it saying, “We left these flowers for my dad’s birthday if you don’t mind. This is where he died.”

                All of a sudden, something else made sense too. Just outside my house, there is a hole in the siding which I jokingly suspected was a bullet hole… but when you look at the hole in respect to where the rose was placed, it makes sense that the hole was obviously made by a bullet.                

Fortunately my experience here in Ogden hasn’t been bad at all. Like I said, I’m enjoying the diversity around me. I’m just hoping that I don’t get caught in between a shooting, or I don’t discover some meth in my house(I haven’t found any yet!).  This place is sure no Cache Valley.


Philemon (Phil) Tevis said...

so kinda (very) random. I was bored and searching through blogs and thought it was funny how out of the millions i stumble upon someone from utah..ogden no doubt.

anyways happy blogging.

Laura said...

Wow - that is a really sad story (particularly the bit about the 4 kids involved). It must be a bizarre feeling to know something that tragic happened outside your home. People ought not do meth.

Lynette said...

You make a very good detective. Do you sleep well at nights?