Figuring it out as I go along

Figuring it out as I go along

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Its no Cache Valley

It’s been nearly 7 months since my arrival in Ogden and I have learned a great deal about this place that was once called the crossroads of the west. Some of the great things I have l have realized are the culture diversity in this town. I can honestly say that I am a minority in my neighborhood. Plus have developed more Spanish skills than I have anticipated, which a bonus if I might say. I have grown to love Ogden for its diversity and beauty that surrounds the area.                

But there is one thing that I am constantly reminded of everyday in this city of diversity, and that is this place certainly is no Cache Valley! For example, I was chatting with my neighbor about a month ago, and she told me that about a year or two ago, there was a shooting in my front yard between man and the police. Holy crap! And I was also informed that the previous owners of my place I am renting were arrested making Meth in the house. My place used to be a meth lab! Now I’m not saying that this sort of stuff doesn’t happened in Cache Valley, (in fact I’ve heard of meth labs discoveredin Logan plenty of times) but I wasn’t expecting to discover it happens in my back yard here in Ogden. I guess for me, it isn’t every day to know someone was killed in your front yard.                

Being a curious Dickey, I decided to investigate the situation further and all of a sudden everything started to make sense. Doing an internet search about the alleged shooting by typing the street intersection I live on (Jefferson and 35th St.), I came across several stories from the local paper about a man named Jessie Turnbow who was walking down the street with a shotgun and seemed very upset after an argument with his girlfriend on December 18, 2006.  The police confronted him in front of my house a shootout subsequently occurred. Yikes! I’m glad I wasn’t renting this place then!


Then a few weeks ago, someone left a single rose next to a tree in my front yard with a note on it saying, “We left these flowers for my dad’s birthday if you don’t mind. This is where he died.”

                All of a sudden, something else made sense too. Just outside my house, there is a hole in the siding which I jokingly suspected was a bullet hole… but when you look at the hole in respect to where the rose was placed, it makes sense that the hole was obviously made by a bullet.                

Fortunately my experience here in Ogden hasn’t been bad at all. Like I said, I’m enjoying the diversity around me. I’m just hoping that I don’t get caught in between a shooting, or I don’t discover some meth in my house(I haven’t found any yet!).  This place is sure no Cache Valley.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Evolution of Adam Shultz Dickey

Alright this might seem like an odd blog... but if you haven't figured out that I'm odd in the first place, you really don't know me. I was fondling through some old photos of my glorious past and I started to realize that my family has recorded almost all of my birthdays. With the exception of a few years, I have successfully gathered together all of my birthdays from 1984 to 2008. For the years where I couldn't find any birthday photo, I have substituted it with a photo from that year. So sit back, relax and enjoy the Evolution of Adam Shultz Dickey on September 19! 

 - 1984, My actual birthday - 
I think this is the cutest I get in my whole life.

- 1985, One year old -
This was the year I got my pinkie cut off.

- 1986, Two years old -

- 1987, Three years old -

- 1988, Four years old -
This year is missing, so I thought this family pic would be alright.

- 1989, Five years old -
Another missing year. This was at my pre-school Graduation.

- 1990, Six years old -
Another missing year. I have a video of my birthday party but no pictures. Maybe I'll put the video on YouTube...

- 1991, Seven years old -
Nothing interesting about this year... except I did get a lot of ghost buster toys!

- 1992, Eight years old -
I'm accountable from here on out!

- 1993, Nine years old -
This was after my sister's wedding. My brother is a psycho.

- 1994, Ten years old -
Another missing year. This was school project about the bald eagle.

- 1995, Eleven years old -
My gymnastic days.

- 1996, Twelve years old -
I got a CD player! I love the expression on Chuck's face. 

-1997, Thirteen years old -
My friends got together for my birthday. 

- 1998, Fourteen years old -
A CD stereo! I'm living large now! This was also the year I got into Metallica.

- 1999, Fifteen years old -
My paper boy days.

- 2000, Sixteen years old -
I gave a courtesy smile this year. My football  and wrestling days.

- 2001, Seventeen years old -
The year I lived in Kentucky for a summer.

- 2002, Eighteen years old -
The year I rebelled and grew hair seven inches long.

- 2003, Nineteen Years old -
Post High School Days - This was right before my mission.

- 2004, Twenty years old -
My mission days - I forgot to take photos on my birthday... oops. This was in my first area in San Gabriel.

- 2005, twenty one years old -
My mission days - I also forgot to take photos this year too. I think it was because I was focused on other things, like preaching the Gospel. This was at the temple in Manila. 

- 2006, Twenty two years old -
Queen Rocks! Utah State University days.
- 2007, Twenty three years old -
Another rebel year where I grew out my hair. I miss it... maybe I'll do it again. 

- 2008, twenty four years old -
My Weber State University days.

- 2009, twenty four and a half years old -
Okay, This isn't my birthday but this me right now getting bored studying and finding other things to do, like blogging!
 So there you have it! Hopefully I'll have many more birthdays to come. But I'm predicting I'll be dead by 28....

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I'm going to make it a habit to blog at least once a week so #1, all of you can realize how awesome my life is and #2, I can record my goals and I can give you an update on how they are going. 

Lately I've notice that I'm eating great and not consuming as much junk food as I have in the past. But I find I'm not working out as much anymore because I often am too busy with homework or I don't have a habitual workout schedule. Then I got to thinking that if I could set a time everyday to work out and try to follow that schedule, I could get into shape again and look like that sexy Matt Damon.

So here's my goal for the week: I will work out every day at 5am (except sundays of course), jump roping and doing push-ups for 30 minutes straight. This will be perfect for me because on most days I'm up at that time studying and I have found that it is not efficient because I keep falling asleep while reading a textbook. Plus I hear working out the morning makes the body more alert and responsive, so if I want to, I can read after and get more out of it in the process.

So for those of you who keep up with my blog I'll update you in a week to let you know how I'm doing. 

By the way, look at them gas prices! I'm all for alternative, environmentaly friendly vehicles, but its nice to see prices like this while we're in the process of converting over to better sources of energy. My only worry is that people will be reluctant to change over to alterative energy if prices continue like this... what do you think? 

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Still here... But in Ogden.

Yep I’m still here, even though it has been forever since I’ve blogged.  I guess I should feel guilty for not keeping everybody up to date on my life… but I don’t so deal with it! A lot has changed since my last entry. Following events occurred in sequence:

I quit my two jobs in Cache Valley and moved all my junk to a little house in Ogden, Utah. I love where I live even though it’s a little ghetto. I now make a living reading text books and walking around campus like I know what I'm doing.

I enrolled Weber State University for fall semester and am currently majoring in Emergency Care and Rescue (that’s just a fancy phrase that means I want to be a Paramedic).

I was successful in proving to the state of Utah that I was indeed a resident of the state, thereby avoiding having to pay $3000 in tuition. Because I lived in New Mexico over the summer in 2007, I was no longer considered a resident of Utah in the eyes of Weber State University. Thank goodness I grew up here for 20+ years, previously attended all my schooling here in Utah, and lived here for a least a year to reestablished my residency in Utah. Or else I would have paid thousands more for school this fall.

I met my roommates in my little house on the Ogden, and they’re pretty interesting guys. David and Dustin are both childhood friends and have both moved out of their parent’s home for their first semester in College. Boy, these guys take me back when I just barely got out of high school. So young, so innocent, and so ignorant at how cruel and hatefully the world can be sometimes.  Sigh… I wish I could go back to those days.

On Halloween, I had the bright idea of painting all of my body green, dying my hair black and walk around all night acting angry and agitated at every person that walked around me.  

Sunday, August 10, 2008

And the winner is... Lesa!

Lesa is the lucky winner of the very popular contest of Favorites on my blog! She gets the pure honey from cache valley (actually its honey from the bear lake area). A grand total of 4 participated. Wo Ho!!! Well guess what? Just because you all visited and participated in my contest, you all are going to get a jar of honey courtesy of yours truly. I'll be sending them to you all sometime this week so get ready.

So Lesa, it is now your turn to host a list o' Favorites on your blog. This might be a little tough for you because I know you're busy with your wedding... but I don't want any excuses!

Hey Cami, I just got the magnets and I love them! They're not as super strong as you said they would be, but the awesomeness of them totally made it better. They're holding my bills on my refrigerator as I speak! 

Sunday, August 3, 2008

List of life slices: Shultz Times Contest of prizes

Since I won the wonderful prize of refrigerator magnets from the Cami and Peter Jones' blog, I have to wonderful opportunity to host the contest myself. So here we go, its my version of a contest of prizes that I am so proud to introduce to the world for the first time. Everything prize that you see here is something that has been in my life for the past year, so you in actuality are getting a slice of my life if you are so lucky to win them.  

Here's how the contest works:
Blog host shares some slices of life;
People comment on which item they would like to win;
Blog host randomly draws a winning name;
Blog host gifts the winner with their choice from slices of life; and
Winner then carries on the List o' Favorites(slices of life sounds better) game on their blog

Aggie pride license plate banner. What better way can you show your Aggie pride than slapping it on the back of your car. I'm sure those who read my blog have at one time attended a semester at Utah State University, so I'm sure that this will be a hot item. You've got two options of license banners here so make sure you you tell me what kind you want. Slice of life: I spent two wonderful years at this school and even though I will be attending Weber State University this upcoming fall, I will always be a true blooded aggie inside.

Carabiner. This is your chance Lance to get that carabiner I have on my backpack. Also you others have can get it as well. You can use it for good o' rock climbing or for hooking random stuff to your bag like I did. Slice of life: On the day that I moved out from my parents house last year, I decided to go to Al's Sporting Goods store and get some gear to survive the scary outside world. It has served me well in that it has kept important things hooked up in bag. If you win this item you also have symbolically won my independence into the real world.  

Panic! At the Disco: Pretty Odd. I just bought this CD a few weeks ago and I loved it from the start and I can't stop listening to it. If any of you are familiar with Panic at the Disco, this album that they released this spring is a lot cleaner than the last one so don't be scared from bidding on this item. Slice of life: I just like this CD and its just some of the new music that I've been discovering recently.  

Cache Junction Spike. About a week ago I went bridge jumping with a friend at Cache Junction and found a spike right next to the railroad. It was rusty and old but I thought it was cool to have a railroad spike from the famous Cache Junction! You too could posses this railroad rare item to if you're lucky enough! Slice of life: I'm moving to ogden in a couple weeks and leaving this wonderful Cache Valley. In a way I am at a junction in my life where I am parting from my life in Cache Valley and moving on to other things that lays in store. I recommend this item.

First Aid Kit. Many of you don't know this but I just have been certified as an EMT-Basic.(By the way, thanks to all that let me assess them) I just began the Paramedic program at Weber State University and am learning oodles of useful information and knowledge that I think everybody should know. Here's one of them: Always have a good first aid kit handy because you just never know when you'll need one! Whoever bids on this item will get a custom built first aid kit useful for traveling and in the home. Don't let this picture deceive you. I'm going to personally put this kit together and its going to be freaking awesome. Slice of life: this item is special because it represents my dreams and aspirations that I have right now. 

Jar of honey. I currently am working with a neighbor of mine who owns a Bee Farm in Preston, Idaho. Everyday I extract honey from the combs and it sure is sticky business. And at times it can be painful too. A couple of days ago I was stung five times and one was on my eyelid! But through all the pain and stickiness comes this wonderful product that is sweet to the taste and very desirable! This is not some synthetic honey from California,  its real Cache Valley honey fresh from the comb. If you bid on this item, you won't be disappointed. Slice of life: if you win this item you're getting the not only the wonderful taste of cache valley in you mouth, but the hard work I did this summer so I could get through college.

Well thats my contest! Good luck too all. I'm going to be drawing the winner randomly in one week so get your vote in before it ends!

Friday, July 11, 2008

A new challenge for Cami

Alright Cami I need your knowledge and determination to solve my problems. I was hiking the mountains one day and happened to encounter a plant that I couldn't name. The reasons I want to know this plant's name is because the second I touched it, I had an allergic reaction. So have at it Cami!